It was another fast and furious night last night after work; between getting the kiddo to and from swimming lessons, taking care of the dogs (Mortimer the English Bully and Zoe the Aussie) and scrambling to get some sort of dinner on the table that is both healthy and palatable to my 5 year old, my husband and I had our hands full per usual. I would like to say that I pulled it all off with flying colors but then how would I be a true hot mess hostess? Dogs and kid had their basic needs met and I did get a delicious and healthy dinner on the table, after my 5 year old ate black bean and broccoli quesadillas. This is because the meal I was preparing didn’t actually finish before her bedtime and therefore I had to make her a completely separate meal and let’s be really honest—she won’t touch quinoa with a 10 foot pole, and definitely not with her fork.

My husband and I loved the dinner so much I thought I would share it. It’s a Pinterest score (from, recipe below). As with most cooking adventures, I rarely have all the ingredients I need, or in some cases, don’t like some of the ones the recipe actually calls for. This tinkering can either lead to dead ends (as in don’t do it agains), or sometimes it ends with nice surprises. Last night was a nice surprise. I used ground lean turkey breast instead of  chicken. Instead of peas (out of those) I used fresh asparagus, and instead of wild rice and white rice I used a quinoa-wild rice mix from Costco. I also blended sharp cheddar with non-fat cottage cheese (to cut down on the fat and keep it creamy). All in all it turned out great, my husband and I ate way more than we should have (we struggle with portion sizes, who came up with those anyway?).

Dinner was so good that I brought it to work for lunch. As a side note, I recommend not packing your lunches in the wee hours of the morning (as I sometimes do before going to the gym, before I go to work). This am, as I was packing cereal for breakfast to eat at work, I failed to notice the pesto that was still stuck to container. As a result, my cheerios were a bit green and because I was so starving after the gym, by the time I finally ate breakfast at work I didn’t notice until half way through the container that my milk had floating green bits. My colleague Amanda (who often has to witness my frantic container eating during our meetings) had to close her eyes and ask “is it gone yet?” while I promptly removed it from her site. Now my friends, you know why this blog is called hot mess hostess.

April 20, 2012. Tags: . Mangia!.

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